Professional after builders cleaning in London for a dust-free property

Have your home back to normal with our post-renovation cleaning. All equipment and detergents are provided.

  • We tackle: Paint marks, builders dust & debris
  • Price includes: Latest industrial-grade tools & supplies
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: COSHH document, risk assessment & method statement available
  • Peace of mind: Meets all building site regulations
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How after-builders cleaning works

1. Get a quote for your service

Get an instant quote online or over the phone based on the property's layout.

2. Customise your after builders cleaning

Add extra services like carpet, upholstery, outside window cleaning and more.

3. Let the cleaners handle the rest

We’ll bring our own equipment and tools to clean any trace of dust, paint, and splatters.

4. Enjoy your renovated and now clean home

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to relax and create some new memories.

We are ISO certified: ISO Certified Other recognitions: Federation of Master Cleaning Green Achiever Safe Contractor The Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

You can rely on us

Why choose our post-renovation cleaning

Let us handle the post-renovation mess, saving you valuable time and energy to focus on other priorities. Enjoy a sparkling clean home. Our thorough cleaning removes dust, debris, and construction residue, leaving your home fresh and ready to enjoy.

Expert renovation cleaning:
We use specialised techniques and equipment to ensure delicate surfaces and newly installed fixtures are cleaned properly.
Short notice availability
After-build cleaners can come and transform your property back to normal as soon as today. Enter your local postcode to check coverage, prices, and availability.
You get the highest-rated post-building cleaners
Thanks to our internal rating system, you’ll always get the best-rated after-builder cleaners near you.
Professional service from start to finish
The cleaners are fully trained and vetted and come equipped with all the necessary tools and detergents to carry out the service. They’re CIS registered, and upon request, we can send you cleaners holding CSCS certificates. To ensure the best possible results, the post-construction cleaners will bring high-performance vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, and professional detergents not-available over the counter.
Easy to book, pay, and reschedule
You can book your post-building work cleaning online or over the phone. Pay using a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or via bank transfer.
Efficient and favoured service
We do each after-build clean with great attention to detail, ensuring your full satisfaction. Our cleaning services are rated 4.4 out of 5, based on more than 34,865 reviews.

worthwhile investment.

When is after builders cleaning service needed?

Removing dust and debris:
Construction work generates a lot of dust, which can be difficult and time-consuming to remove completely. The professional after builders cleaners in London have the experience and equipment to thoroughly clean all surfaces and eliminate lingering dust.
Cleaning up paint and varnish spills:
Even with careful work, paint and varnish spills can happen during renovations. After-builders cleaners can remove these spills safely and effectively, protecting your new surfaces.
Cleaning hard-to-reach areas:
Construction often involves materials like drywall and insulation, which can create dust and debris in areas like above cabinets, behind appliances, or inside vents. Professional cleaners have the tools and expertise to access and clean these areas meticulously.
Saving time and energy:
After a renovation, you likely have many other things to focus on, such as unpacking and arranging your furniture. Booking a post-construction cleaning service for your London property can take this task off your plate, allowing you to relax and enjoy your newly renovated space.

Designed to meet your needs

After builders cleaning checklist

  • Kitchen after-builders cleaning
    • Fine builders dust: wiped clean from all surfaces
    • Paint marks and drops: cleaned from all surfaces
    • Kitchen appliances: wiped from the outside
    • Sink: scrub, descale and wipe. Clean wall tiles and grout
    • Cupboards and drawers: Clear inside and outside, including top and underside, and handles
    • Hardfloor and tiles: vacuum and mop multiple times (until is dust-free)
    • Worktops, splashbacks, racks, and shelves: clean and polish
    • Skirting boards, doors, frames and handles: wipe and clean
    • Windows, frames and sills: clean internally
    • Light fixtures, switches and sockets: clean and polish
    • Curtains: hoover and dust curtain rail. Venitian blinds - hoover and wipe
    • Rubbish bin: clean inside and out
    • Аir vents: hoover externally
  • Bathroom post-renovation cleaning
    Bathroom & Toilet
    • Fine builders dust: wiped clean from all surfaces
    • Paint marks and drops: cleaned from all surfaces
    • Bathtub, toilet, bidet, and shower cubicles: Clean, descale and disinfect
    • Taps, basins and fittings: remove limescale and wipe
    • Sink, sink cabinet and soap dispenser: clean, descale and disinfect
    • Tiled floor and walls: hoover, mop. Descale surface and grouting
    • Wipe and dust the radiator and towel rail
    • Mirrors, glass shelves and trays: clean and polish
    • Pipework and plumbing behind the toilet: wipe and clean (if accessible)
    • Skirting boards: wipe and clean
    • Light fixtures, switches and sockets: clean and polish
    • Extractor fans: hoover externally
    • Rubbish bin: clean inside and out
  • Living room post-construction cleaning
    Living room / Dining room
    • Fine builders dust: wiped clean from all surfaces
    • Paint marks and drops: cleaned from all surfaces
    • Upholsteries and furniture: hoover, wipe and polish. Deep cleaning can be ordered separately
    • Carpets and rugs: hoover. Deep cleaning can be ordered separately
    • Windows: clean from the inside. External cleaning can be ordered separately
    • Curtains: hoover and dust curtain rail
    • Mirrors: clean and polish
    • Cupboards, commodes, bookcases and other furnishings: clean inside and out
    • Doors, skirting boards, shelves, racks, and top of picture frames: clean and polish
    • Light fixtures, switches and sockets: clean and polish
    • Hardfloor and laminated floor: hoover and mop
    • Electronics: wipe clean
    • Walls: remove dust and cobwebs
    • Fireplace: sweep, wipe and clean
    • Air vents: hoover externally
  • Bedroom post-refurbishment cleaning
    • Fine builders dust: wiped clean from all surfaces
    • Paint marks and drops: cleaned from all surfaces
    • Bedside tables, wardrobes and other furniture: wipe and polish
    • Mattress - hoover. Deep cleaning can be ordered separately
    • Rugs and carpets: hoover
    • Floor: hoover and mop
    • Windows, window frames and sills: clean internally
    • Venitian blinds: hoover and wipe. Curtains: hoover and dust curtain rail
    • Mirrors and picture frames: clean and wipe
    • Skirting boards, radiators: wipe and clean
    • Door, frames and handles, light fixtures and lamp shades: clean and wipe
    • Light switches and sockets: clean and polish
    • Air vents: hoover externally

info-icon NOTE:

Please be advised that After builders cleaning is not a substitute to End of tenancy cleaning service.

You can rely on us

Customise your post-construction cleaning

The after builders cleaning service in London starts as soon as the cleaners enter the property. They will use their industrial-grade vacuum cleaners to remove as much built-up dust as possible. Paint and plaster stains will be removed with the help of special off-the-counter detergents which dissolve them. All of the windows in the property will be cleaned from the inside and the sills will be hoovered.

You can customise your after-build clean by adding extra services, such as:

Outside window cleaning

Our skilled team specialises in post-construction window cleaning, eliminating dust, paint splatters, and debris to restore your windows' brilliance. Standard service covers frames, sills, doors, and optional interior washing. Utilising Water Fed Pole technology, we deliver exceptional cleaning for residential and commercial properties in London, using eco-friendly pure water for a safe and chemical-free shine.

Learn more->
Carpet and upholstery cleaning
Don't let post-construction dust and debris linger in your carpets. Our after-builders cleaning service includes professional hot-water extraction, the gold standard for deep carpet cleaning.

  • Powerful Clean: We utilise hot water combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This potent mixture is injected deep into the carpet fibres at high pressure, dissolving dirt and grime.
  • Thorough Extraction: A powerful vacuum then removes the hot water solution, along with all the extracted dirt, leaving your carpets truly clean.
  • Long-lasting Stain Guard Treatment: After the hot-water extraction, we apply a professional stain guard to your carpets. This invisible shield creates a barrier, preventing spills from soaking into the fibres for up to 8 months.
  • Deep Fabric Protector: For an extra layer of defence, consider adding fabric protector (applicable only with hot-water extraction cleaning). This specialised spray acts as a powerful shield, repelling liquids, stains, and dirt, keeping your carpets looking fresh and new for longer.
  • Learn more->
    Mattress and curtain cleaning
  • Mattress Revival:  Our expert technicians utilise advanced cleaning methods to remove dust, allergens, and lingering debris from your mattresses. This ensures a clean, fresh, and healthy sleeping environment.
  • Curtain Refresh: We take special care of your curtains, providing a deep clean that eliminates dust and potential stains. This revitalises their appearance and restores their original vibrancy.
  • Learn more->

    Deep oven cleaning
    Our comprehensive after-builders cleaning service offers a fresh start for your entire home, now with the flexibility to choose deep oven cleaning as an add-on service. Our professional technicians tackle the toughest jobs, removing construction dust, paint splatters, and burnt-on food remnants, leaving your oven sparkling clean. He disassembles all removable parts like racks and trays, soaking them in specialised solutions to ensure a thorough clean. We prioritise using safe and effective cleaning products whenever possible.

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    The team

    About the London After Builders Cleaners

    The team of London after builder cleaners we send to your property will be equipped with industrial-grade tools, such as high-performance vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, and more. As for detergents, the ones the cleaners use are not available in everyday stores and are intended for professional use only.

    Every after builder cleaner at Fantastic Cleaners is vetted, experienced, and has undergone extensive professional training.

    In addition, all technicians are CIS registered, but there’s also an option to request technicians who hold CSCS certificates.

    Find Your Cleaning Solution

    Which service should I choose?

    End of Tenancy Clean One-Off Clean After Builders Clean

    Essentials :

    Clean reachable surfaces in all rooms
    Clean cabinet doors and tops
    Clean exterior of appliances
    Clean kitchen & bathrooms
    Vacuum & mop floors

    Descale kitchen & bathroom sinks
    Clean inside windows
    Vacuum carpets & rugs
    Disinfecting the floors
    Wash and put away clean dishes Extra
    Deep clean the oven (inside)
    Deep clean fridge/freeze (inside)
    Clean carpets and upholstery Extra
    Clean inside other appliances (dishwasher, washing machine etc)
    Clean external areas (balcony, garage, etc) Extra
    Book a service Book a service Book a service

    What customers say about our window cleaning service

    After-builders cleaning prices

    Premises type Standard price Fantastic Club
    Standard price
    (including detergents & equipment)
    from £29from £25
    *Price for members of the Fantastic Club.
    The Fantastic Club is a yearly subscription of £89.

    T&C and Minimum Charges apply. Please note prices may vary for properties outside 3rd tube zone. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

    Dust, debris, gone! Breathe easy with our after-builders cleaning service.

    30 000+
    trees planted by the end of 2024

    Ensure a green future

    After builders cleaning delivered to you with nature in mind

    • Done with reusable supplies to reduce generated waste.
    • Our work schedule is route-optimised, ensuring reduced travel time and fuel savings.
    • We invest in nature-based solutions like Pacajai REDD+ Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) reduction project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you clean kitchen appliances as part of the after builders cleaning in London?
    As part of the after builders cleaning service the appliances are cleaned on the outside only. If they are brand new and unused the team could wipe them over on the inside as well. In case the appliances are old and used ones you can book our appliances cleaning service together with the after builders clean.
    What is the difference between domestic cleaning and after builders cleaning?
    Domestic cleaning is a service suitable for light or spring cleaning. On the other hand, as After Builders cleaning suggests, this service is carried out after property refurbishment, construction work, and so on. The cleaners specialise in dealing with construction/renovation debris and have the necessary equipment and detergents to deal with the situation. However, the team will need access to hot water and electricity to carry out the service to a professional standard.
    Do you use chemical-based detergents?
    We use high-quality detergents. They are designed for use in domestic and commercial properties so let go of any concerns. However, if you are highly sensitive to certain detergent ingredients then please let us know. We will make sure that your service will be carried out with alternative products.
    What is your availability?
    Our after builders cleaning service in London is available all week long, and even during official holidays in standard working hours - 8:00 am until 6:00 pm. You can even make evening appointments (rates are higher for appointments outside standard working hours).
    What is your coverage?
    Pretty much all of London – within and outside the M25. We also cover Oxford, Reading, Hemel Hampstead, Slough, Guildford, Redhill, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury, South-end-on-Sea and Chelmsford. But hey, if you don't notice your area here, give us a call anyway! We might be able to figure something out.
    Can I book after builders if the builders are not done with the work yet?
    We recommend for after builders cleaning to be carried about 24 hours after the builders are done with their projects. On the other hand, we will be happy to come and clean certain areas of the place or even a whole level of the property while the builders are still working. However, keep in mind that we can’t ensure the best possible results as there will be more construction/renovation work taking place after the cleaning.
    Do I have to provide the cleaning materials?
    No, the team takes care of this and it is included in the price for the service.
    How do I pay for the service?
    We accept credit/debit cards and bank transfers.
    Do I need to provide a parking spot?
    Yes, please make sure that there will be an available parking space near your property. You can either take care of it yourself or opt to have the fee added to your final bill.
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