Efficient gutter cleaning service in London

Get your gutters cleaned, and protect your property from leakage and mould growth

  • One-month no blockage guarantee
  • Before & after pictures of your cleaned gutterings
  • Done from the ground level with high-reach equipment
  • Mould and damp growth is reduced to minimum
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Easily find a gutter cleaning service near you in London

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Fill in your details in our online booking form and tell us what is the type of your property.

2. Meet the technician

An equipped technician will come on the scheduled day to inspect your gutters' condition and handle the job.

3. Let the gutter cleaner do the job

Your guttering is cleaned and you’ll see before and after pictures once the service is done.

4. Don't be afraid of the next rain

Your property is protected from leakages, damp and mould growth, and even from pest infestation.

Why clean your gutters

Get a professional gutter cleaning service in London to avoid costly repairs

Imagine a heavy London downpour. But instead of peacefully trickling through your gutters, the water starts overflowing. It cascades down your walls, seeps into your basement, and leaves unsightly stains. Clogged gutters are the culprit behind this nightmare scenario. Leaves, twigs, and debris accumulate over time, blocking the flow of rainwater and causing a multitude of issues:

Water Damage
Leaking roofs, flooded basements, and damaged foundations. Clogged gutters cause rainwater to overflow, leading to leaks that can damage your roof, flood your basement, and even crack your foundation.
Mould Growth
Overflowing gutters lead to stagnant water, creating a breeding ground for mold. This stagnant water provides the ideal environment for mold spores to thrive, posing a significant health risk.
Pest Infestation
London gutters can become a luxury high-rise for unwanted critters. Stagnant water and debris create a five-star resort for mosquitoes, rodents, and other pests seeking shelter and snacks. Keep your gutters clean and your home pest-free!
Costly Repairs
Ignoring clogged gutters leads to expensive fixes down the line. By neglecting your gutters, you're setting yourself up for potentially expensive repairs down the road.

Enjoy the next rain! Schedule your guaranteed gutter cleaning today.

High-end equipment, efficient and thorough gutter cleaning process

We utilise powerful wet vacuum machines with telescopic poles, reaching up to the 4th floor without needing ladders. This ensures safety and minimizes disruption to your property.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Detailed gutter inspection: We use a gutter camera attached to the pole to examine your gutters for any damage.
  • Thorough cleaning: Leaves, twigs, debris, and even small animal nests are completely removed, ensuring unobstructed water flow.
  • Before & after pictures: See the transformation for yourself! We'll show you photos of your clean gutters.
  • One-month no blockage guarantee: We stand by our work. If your gutters clog within a month, we'll reclean them for free (excludes downpipes).
Watch Now: Behind the scenes of our gutter cleaning process

We are ISO certified: ISO Certified Other recognitions: Safe Contractor The Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

Here's what customers say about our gutter cleaning service


Premises type Standard Fantastic Club*
Premises typeGround floor
Terraced Starting at£59 Starting at£29
End of terraced Starting at£79 Starting at£49
Semi-detached Starting at£79 Starting at£49
Detached Starting at£99 Starting at£69
First floor
Terraced Starting at£79 Starting at£49
End of terraced Starting at£99 Starting at£69
Semi-detached Starting at£99 Starting at£69
Detached Starting at£119 Starting at£89
Second floor
Terraced Starting at£99 Starting at£69
End of terraced Starting at£119 Starting at£89
Semi-detached Starting at£129 Starting at£99
Detached Starting at£139 Starting at£109
*Price for members of the Fantastic Club.
The Fantastic Club is a yearly subscription of £89. To deliver the cleaning service, we require access to power outlets and building entrances. If the property features gutters with guards or downpipes below the ground level, we will not be able to unclog the drainage system. Minimum booking fee £39. Valid within M25 only.
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Ensure a green future

Gutter cleaning delivered to you with nature in mind

  • All cleaners have reusable slippers instead of plastic overshoes.
  • Our work schedule is route-optimised, ensuring reduced travel time and fuel savings.
  • We invest in nature-based solutions like Pacajai REDD+ Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) reduction project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is regular gutter cleaning important?
Having your guttering cleaned every six months helps you avoid unnecessary risks for your property, such as roof leaks, foundation cracks, mould growth, other types of water damage, as well as insect infestation.
Can you clean all types of gutters?
Yes. We do clean all types of guttering systems. What we cannot clean is gutters which have gutter guards, as well as downpipes which go below ground level.
Does this service come with a guarantee?
Yes, the guarantee is valid for a period of one month after the service. However, it applies only for cleaned parts of the gutter, and in cases, you've booked us to clean all downpipes attached to them, too.
Do I have to do something before the gutter cleaners arrive?
Yes, you need to provide ground access to the gutters and a source of electricity for the professional equipment.
Does this service include the removal of vegetation growing in the guttering?
Yes, but this has to be done manually. Also, a ladder is needed and it can be done only for gutters that are up to 10 metres high.
Is it very important to secure a free parking space outside the property?
It's preferable since the gutter cleaning machine is very heavy.
Can you clean the downpipes as well?
Yes, we provide downpipe cleaning, but only for downpipes that are above ground level.
Are the gutter cleaners experts?
Absolutely! All gutter cleaners in London we work with are professionally trained and experienced. Also, they are fully insured.
How often do I need professional gutter cleaning?
We recommend that you use professional gutter cleaning services at least twice a year. That should be enough to keep your property in check on time for the spring and autumn rains.
What are the most common signs that I need a gutter repair service?
Leaking gutters are the most common sign that you might need a gutter repair service. Also, sagging, or overflowing of the guttering system might also be a sign for that.
What is your coverage?
All of London, in and outside the M25. In addition, we offer gutter cleaning in Oxford, Reading, Hemel, Hempstead, Guildford, and other parts of England. You can easily check if we have a gutter cleaner near you in your area by using the pink buttons.
Are there any additional payments except the quote for the service?
The quoted price is final and it includes all charges. However, there might be additional charges for congestion and parking fees.
Are you available during weekends/holidays?
Yes, we are available 7 days a week and on bank holidays.
Cash or card?
Currently, we do not accept cash payments. The available payment methods are credit/debit cards and bank transfers.
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