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  • Gutter cleaning services with a month guarantee
  • Effective protection against leakages
  • Done with the latest professional equipment
  • Years of experience in all areas of guttering

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End of terraced£44
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from £87
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from £92
Gutter Cleaning Deals | Combine and SaveFantastic ClubStandard
Combine Gutter Cleaning with Extra gutters for a garage – Call us to book the deal.Save £12Full price
Combine Gutter Cleaning with 1 downpipe on second floor – Call us to book the deal.Save £19Full price

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Did you know that the leading cause of water damage in the UK is clogged gutters and downpipes? As an established professional cleaning company in London, Fantastic Cleaners will provide you with an effective gutter treatment to help you save both on hassle and nerves.

7 benefits of choosing professional gutter cleaning for your property:

  • Eliminate the risk of damage to your property which results in costly repairs.
  • Maintain the integrity of your property's guttering system.
  • Avoid nasty pest infestations around your place.
  • Significant reduce mould growth and rotting wood.
  • Effective protection of the house roof and basement against leakages.
  • Compare ‘’before’’ and “post-cleaning’’ pictures of your gutters.
  • Reasonably priced and licensed professional cleaners.
You can extend the depth of your exterior treatment with window cleaning or any of our other services: professional carpet and rug cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, upholstery care for sofas, mattresses, leather, oven cleaning & more. Book combined services and benefit from additional discounts!

This gutter cleaning service comes with many advantages!

  • This is a professional gutter cleaning services with a one-month guarantee.
  • Time-saving and reliable.
  • Regular services can be arranged, we recommend gutter cleaning at least twice a year. No need for scaffolding.
  • Our gutter service is guaranteed so if you notice that your gutters don't function properly after the service, call Fantastic Cleaners as soon as possible for a free re-clean.

Gutter cleaning equipment and technology:

We use a 3000-watt wet vacuum machine with a telescopic pole which allows the technician to reach the gutters of the property without a ladder. Also, each machine has a small wireless camera for inspection purposes. With it, the technician will be able to show you “before” and “after” pictures of your gutters. This way you will be sure that he has done his job.NOTE: We are unable to clean downpipes that are below ground level or gutters that have gutter guards.

You can combine your Gutter Cleaning with:

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why gutter cleaning is important?

A: This way you avoid unnecessary risks for your property associated with malfunctioning gutters and water damage.

Q: Can you clean all types of gutters?

A: All, except those that have guards.

Q: Does this service come with a guarantee?

A: Yes, the guarantee is valid for a period of one month after the service. However, it applies only if the initial service failed to completely clean the gutter. It doesn't apply if the gutter has been clogged after the service has taken place. So in case you notice that something is wrong with your gutters after the service, give us a call and we will send somebody to inspect your gutters. If the inspection proves that the initial service wasn’t effective, the technicians will re-clean your gutters for free.

Q: Do I have to do something before the gutter cleaners arrive?

A: Yes, you need to provide ground access to the gutters and as well as a source of electricity for the professional equipment.

Q: Does this service include the removal of vegetation growing out from the guttering?

A: Yes, but this has to be done manually. Also, a ladder is needed and it can be done only for gutters that are up to 10 metres high.

Q: Is it very important to secure a free parking space outside the property?

A: It's preferable since the gutter cleaning machine is very heavy.

Q: Can you clean the downpipes as well?

A: Yes, but only if they are above ground level.

Q: Are the cleaners experts?

A: Absolutely! They are professionally trained and experienced. Also, they are fully-insured.

Q: How often do I need professional gutter cleaning?

A: At least twice a year should be enough to keep your property in check.

Q: What are the most common signs that I need a gutter repair service?

A: Look for leaking, sagging, or overflowing of the guttering system.

Q: What is your coverage?

A: All of London, in and outside the M25. In addition, we cover Oxford, Reading, Hemel, Hempstead, and Guildford. However, give us a call anyway in case you don't see your area listed here.

Q: Cash or card?

A: Currently, we do not accept cash payments. The available payment methods are credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

Q: Can I specify the day of the service?

A: Yes, just make sure to give us at least a 24-hour notice.

Q: Are there any additional payments except the quote for the service?

A: The quoted price is final and it includes all charges. However, there might be additional charges for congestion and parking fees.

Q: Are you available during weekends/holidays?

A: Yes, we are available 7 days a week and on bank holidays.

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