Professional leather sofa cleaning service in London

We will make your leather sofa, armchair or other furniture look brand new!

  • Effective elimination of bad odours from the fabric
  • Reviving your sofa’s fresh and clean appearance
  • Increasing the lifespan of your leather upholstery
  • Working with certified and highly qualified cleaners
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We are ISO certified: ISO Certified Other recognitions: Federation of Master Cleaning Green Achiever Safe Contractor The Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

How our professional leather sofa cleaning in London is performed

Leather inspection and pre-treatment

On the day of your appointment, your cleaning technician will arrive fully equipped with the necessary tools and cleaning products. The first thing they will do is inspect your leather furniture thoroughly to determine its condition and the exact type of leather it is made of. Then the specialist will vacuum the surface of the upholstery and conduct a test on a small hidden patch to see how the fabric reacts to the cleaning solution. If there are any stains, such as grease and ink, they will be pre-treated with the appropriate stain remover.

The leather cleaning process

Next, a foam leather cleaner will be applied, which the professional will manually rub into the fabric with a soft brush. The solution will be left for a few minutes to absorb the grime and bacteria from the fabric and after that, the specialist will wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth. If your furniture is made of suede, the expert will implement the dry cleaning method, where a powerful solvent is applied, hand-brushed into the fabric and vacuumed off.

Finishing touches

Finally, the professional will apply a leather rejuvenator. This will create an invisible layer over the fabric, which will lock the freshly cleaned leather and protect it in the long run from dirt and possible spillage stains. Upon request, we can also use a special deodorising agent for some extra freshness.

Why entrust us with your leather cleaning needs?

Focus on heavily used areas
The cleaning technician will also pay special attention to heavily used sections, like armrests and headrests.
Top-notch cleaning products
All leather cleaning solutions that we use are gentle and eco-friendly, as well as harmless to children and pets.
Effective stains removal
The Fantastic cleaners can treat all types of stains, including hard-to-remove ones, such as ink, grease and food spillages.
Flexible schedule
We work 7 days a week, including on public holidays, free of extra charge. Same-day bookings are also available!
Highly qualified professionals
The leather cleaning technicians are all professionally trained, fully equipped, vetted and insured.

Frequently asked questions

Can you safely clean a suede sofa?
Yes, we can clean both real and faux suede upholstery. We will use the dry cleaning method, which is more suitable for such delicate materials and will guarantee the safety of your upholstered furniture.
Do you clean aniline leather sofas, as well?
Yes, we clean all sorts of treated and painted leather, including the high-quality aniline type.
Is the cleaning process safe for my home and my family?
All products that we use in our leather cleaning service are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. They are safe to use both around children and pets!
Can you guarantee that the cleaning process won’t harm my leather furniture?
All professionals we work with are vetted and fully insured. Before cleaning, they will examine your furniture and the exact type of leather it is made of. Then, they will decide on the most appropriate leather cleaning technique, making sure that your furniture won’t suffer any damage.
Can I use my sofa immediately after the service?
The rejuvenator that we apply at the end requires 1-2 hours to completely dry. After that, you can use your sofa with no problem.
Do I have to prepare anything in advance of the service?
No, we will take care of everything. The professional will arrive bringing the equipment and detergents needed for the cleaning process. They will also handle any furniture moving, if needed, to access hard to reach sections.
Why should I resort to professional cleaning for my leather furniture?
Leather is a delicate fabric, which requires careful maintenance. If treated improperly, this type of material can easily get irreversibly damaged. By relying on experts in the industry, you can make sure that your leather furniture will not be deprived of its natural moisture and will remain durable.
What are the types of leather that you can professionally clean?
The Fantastic cleaning technicians can clean any type of finished leather, including aniline, nubuck, suede and pigmented leather. The only thing that we can’t clean is untreated leather.
Can you clean any type of leather furniture?
Yes, we can clean any type of furniture that has leather upholstery, including sofas, corner coaches, settees, ottomans, chairs, armchairs, stools and anything of the like.
Do you clean office leather sofas, as well?
Absolutely! Fantastic Cleaners provides leather cleaning services to residential and business clients alike. The cleaning technicians can come to your office at any time that is suitable for you, including before, during or after working hours.
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