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  • Next-generation high reach water-fed pole technology
  • Pure water window cleaning only - no streaks guarantees
  • Federation of Window Cleaners - certified tradesmen
  • Federation of Window Cleaners - approved provider
  • Emergency same-day window cleaning available


Streak-free windows all year round

Resort to reliable and trustworthy professional cleaning services from Fantastic Cleaners. Use our online form to check real-time availability, open slots, and book under 30 seconds

Choose quality window cleaning from certified professional cleaners who have the means and know-how to handle any level window cleaning in a fast and efficient manner.

Window cleaning technology and equipment

The window technicians use next-generation water-fed pole system and purified water only for washing long reach exterior windows. The reach-and-wash system is incorporated directly into the Fantastic Cleaners' vehicle. This means that you don't have to set up a water source for the service as the technicians bring already purified water along. For inside window cleaning, the experts use squeegees and eco-friendly cleaners only.

The benefits of cleaning with purified water

The water stored in every vehicle is 100% purified which significantly enhances its cleaning power. A stream of refined H2O is the most effective method to give your windows the crisp and shiny look you want.

The science behind pure water window cleaning: refined H2O molecules easily connect with any dirt, chemicals, and minerals that resides on a glass surface to dislodge those. There are no streaks left behind and you get clean and shiny windows for a longer period.

More on the plus side, this service is ECO & nature-friendly as no chemicals are involved.

Any level window cleaning

The long-handled water-fed extension pole allows high window cleaning that can reach and wash up to 23 meters. This is usually the fourth storey of a building. Commercial or residential, the Fantastic Cleaners window washers will clean it from outside.

For higher reach window cleaning, the certified professionals use specialised abseiling equipment. Ladders are only involved in washing ground and first-floor windows. This way Fantastic Cleaners eliminate the risks of accidental damage to the exterior of your property.

The advantages of regular window cleaning

Regular residential window cleaning from Fantastic Cleaners comes at a discount rate compared to a one-off service. Also, you can choose the regularity of the services you get. We recommend booking a visit once every couple of months or so. Of course, the frequency of the service varies for businesses as all have different needs. On the other hand, professional window cleaning on a regular basis enhances the curb appeal of your property

Types of windows: single and double windows, sash windows, french doors, small bay and big bay windows, skylight windows, garden windows, and more.

* NOTE: The vehicle of the window cleaning team has to be parked within 30 meters of the property on the same side of the street so the service can take place. If no parking is available, we can use the detachable system which can reach up to the 2nd floor only.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is going to clean my windows?

A: Professional window cleaners will come to your property with IDs, branded uniforms and vehicles. They are local technicians with great experience who are certified by the Federation of Window Cleaners. Every vehicle is equipped with a water-fed pole, pure water tanks and other professional tools specialised strictly for the job.

Q: What does the window cleaning service include?

A: The service provides three main procedures: exterior window cleaning with water-fed pole technology, rope access window cleaning for levels above the 4th storey, and good old-fashioned manual interior cleaning. You could book the service as part of a combo deal and benefit from our discounts and deals.

Q: What do window cleaners use to clean windows - any detergents?

A: The Fantastic Cleaners bring and use purified water only. It dries without leaving marks nor streaks. Refined water is stored in special tanks, located in the Fantastic Cleaners' vehicle. That's why parking is mandatory when booking your window cleaning services. For outside window cleaning, the experts use a long reach water-fed pole. For indoor window cleaning - squeegees and ladder (if needed).

Q: What is a water-fed pole system and why use it?

A: This is specialised window cleaning equipment that allows the technicians to reach as high as the 4th storey of a building as well as awkwardly positioned skylights, conservatory roofs, and windows over extensions. It limits the risks of using ladders.

Q: Why don't you wipe the windows when using the water-fed pole?

A: Since the water we use is purified, there is absolutely no need for wiping because it will evaporate naturally and there is no residue at all. This is the best way to clean outside windows.

Q: Can you deep clean my frames?

A: We can do it, but only from the inside and only if they are PVC frames. We are not able to deal with paint, plaster or heavy permanent stains.

Q: Can you remove mold from my frames?

A: This is something we cannot deal with.

Q: I have a glass banister on the balcony. Can you clean the external part of it?

A: If it can be accessed from the ground with our reach and wash system we will clean it, otherwise, it will not be safe for the technician to do it from the balcony itself.

Q: Can you remove plaster on the external glass panes?

A: Only if the windows are reachable from the inside of the property. Otherwise, there is no safe way to do this from the outside.

Q: Do you clean stained glass windows?

A: Yes, but from the outside only.

Q: Do I have to be home during the service?

A: All windows can be cleaned from the outside without you being there as long as you grant the window cleaners access through the gates of the property. And if you want your windows cleaned from the inside, too, then take advantage of our free key pick up and delivery option.

Q: Can I make changes to my bookings?

A: In order to manage your current bookings, you need to log into your Fantastic account. If you don’t have one, you can create a new profile really easy. Once you’ve registered, head over to the dashboard section. There you can apply changes to all of your service appointments.

Q: What if the weather is bad and it is raining?

A: It depends on how heavy the rain is. Usually, the technicians asses the situation on the day, and if it is impossible to provide the service will inform you so you can reschedule your service for another day.

Q: Do I have to do something before the cleaners arrive?

A: It's very important to ensure that there will be a free parking space within 30 meters of the property, on the same side of the street. Otherwise, the cleaners have all the necessary equipment to handle the job. Just make sure to grant them access to the place.

Q: Are you insured and certified?

A: The window cleaners are fully insured and certified by the FWC. We provide complete Public Insurance Liability and Employers Liability as a standard part of the window cleaning services you get from us.

Q: What is your coverage?

A: All south, west, east and north London postcodes within the M25 as well as the following areas of SE England: OX, SL, MK, RG, HP, AL, LU, GU, BN, RH, TN, CT, ME.

Q: What happens if my cleaner is late?

A: If the cleaning team is stuck in traffic, you will be notified and informed of their arrival.

Q: Do you service commercial and industrial buildings?

A: Yes, and this is available across London and SE England. We can also provide you with other property exterior maintenance services such as gutter cleaning, cladding cleaning, pressure washing, and solar panel cleaning.

Q: Do you require a water source?

A: No, usually the window cleaners have a tank full of purified water. However, it would be kind of you to let them use a water source at your property in case the tank is empty.

Q: What hours do you work?

A: In summer, our work hours are from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm. In winter, from 7:00 am till 4:00 pm - Please, keep in mind that the daylight is needed to provide window cleaning.

Q: Can I combine window cleaning with some of the other services at Fantastic Cleaners?

A: Yes, you can, When you book multiple services you will benefit from preferential discounts for combining services. Window cleaning is often preferred by landlords, tenants and letting agents in need of end of tenancy cleaning in London. Many of our loyal clients combine the window treatment with gutter cleaning, professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Do not hesitate - book online or call us now.

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