Holiday Rental Cleaning

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Vacation Rental Cleaning for Agencies and Airbnb Hosts

A service that perfectly fits your Airbnb cleaning needs

We recognise the difficulties that you face managing a short-term rental property, not to mention if the case is tens or even hundreds of places. Well, things can definitely get a little bit hectic here in the capital—it's only among the busiest cities in the world. And that is precisely why we designed a service that aims to negate some of the daily struggles you go through.

Holiday let apartment cleaning services that save you time & efforts

Just know that when your renters are about to leave, you can resort to our comprehensive Airbnb cleaning—we will send a maid to the address who will clean up the rooms and prepare them for the next visitors. And if you decide to use our services regularly, we will assign a staff member of ours as your personal account manager. They will keep track of the services you get and ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction.

How to book your Airbnb cleaners:

  1. Give us a quick call or arrange your booking online.
  2. Please specify the particulars of the property.
  3. Make sure that there will be cleaning tools and detergents available on site.
  4. If requested, the cleaner can bring their own cleaning products.
  5. Specify when your cleaner should come and the number of hours they should work.

What to expect from your short let cleaning service in London?

The cleaner will arrive at the address around noon. Of course, all personal belongings should be collected by the renters who stayed there and the place should be vacated. Also, please make sure that the cleaner will be granted access to the property. Once inside, the cleaner will get to work right away. Then the cleaner will spruce up the place, paying particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen and making sure the surfaces are cleaned as best as possible. The cleaner will even make before-and-after pictures that will be included in a check-in-and-out report so you can see the results of the service. The report will also document any damage to the property that was either pre-existing or noticed after the renters have vacated the place.

Linen hire & resupplying toiletries

Upon request, your cleaner can bring freshly washed and ironed linen for the property. Used linen will be collected and replaced with fresh ones for upcoming guests, on the next service. There are bed sheets, pillow cases, duvets bath & hand towels in each pack. Additionally, you can request packs of toiletries, including 2 x 30ml Shampoo, 2 x 30ml Shower gel, 2 x 30ml Body lotion, 2 x Shower/body Soap and 1 x Hand Soap.* NOTE: The short-let rental cleaning service cannot serve as a substitute for professional tenancy cleaning, nor vacuuming will achieve the effect of steam or dry chem rug cleaning. While the cleaner will clean the cooking area as best as possible, results cannot match the spotless oven cleaning service of Fantastic Cleaners.

Frequently asked questions

Q: When will the cleaner come?

A: You should make a booking for a day when you know for sure that the place will be vacated. Usually, the best time for a cleaner to arrive is around noon since most renters leave in the AM hours.

Q: Do I have to provide cleaning products and equipment?

A: Yes, the cleaner will use the available detergents, tools and vacuum available at the property. If you request it, the cleaner can bring detergents but we are unable to supply tools and equipment.

Q: Is this service insured?

A: The cleaning staff have public liability insurance.

Q: What is your coverage?

A: This service is available for properties within the M25 London zone.

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