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How to book a mobile or home car cleaning service

1. Stay online

Just follow the steps to set up your service

2. Choose your car cleaning options

This could include exterior car cleaning, interior car cleaning and other extras

3. Specify the date, time and location

The pros will arrive, bringing all they need to clean your car

4. Save time and cut down on stress

While enjoying the benefits of a perfectly clean and impeccably presented car

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Customise your mobile car cleaning services in London

Here's a choice. Spend hours of your precious time cleaning your car, or book car cleaning at home and spend the morning with your kids. Or, since this is a flexible and mobile car cleaning service, book for a time when you're at the office, on a shopping spree or enjoying a leisurely lunch with friends. The work will be completed by background checked, insured and experienced mobile car cleaners who use high-grade cleaning products.

Make your booking for a next day or future service by providing the details of your car and where it will be located and specifying the car cleaning services you need.

Choose from the following professional car cleaning options

Exterior car cleaning – This includes the body of the car, the windows, external mirrors, wheels and wheel trims. Waterless eco-friendly cleaning is also available.

Interior car cleaning – Cleaning of the dashboard, central consul and door interiors, vacuuming of the floor, floor mats and boot. Emptying of the ashtrays, rubbish removal and more.

Combined interior cleaning with sanitisation – As described above with the additional sanitisation of high touch surfaces to destroy bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Seats and upholstery deep cleaning – The mobile car cleaners work with meticulous care and attention to detail to cleanse all seats and upholstery work so that the inside of your car always looks smart and smells fresh.

Extra car cleaning options – Upgrade your mobile car cleaning in London by adding headlight cleaning and restoration, removal of bird droppings and tree sap, engine bay cleaning and detailing or convertible soft-top cleaning and reproofing to exterior car cleaning services or add interior steam cleaning, screen wash refill or other services to enhance the appearance and improve the maintenance of your car.
Car cleaning specialist, performing exterior cleaning by hand

Things you need to know to make best use of your mobile car cleaning service

Your car cleaning mobile service will be completed in any location where it's possible and permissible. In order for your service to go ahead, the cleaners will need to be able to park close to your vehicle so that they can connect to the water supply in their own van.

When you book interior car cleaning please ensure that the cleaners are able to gain access to the vehicle when they arrive at the site.

Provide full details about your car and the service that you're seeking so that you can be sure of getting exactly what you want.

Depending on the package you select your car cleaning service will be completed by a single car cleaner or a team of two experienced professionals.

Frequently asked questions about mobile car cleaning services

Do I need to be present for the cleaning to be completed?
Exterior cleaning can be completed in your absence. If the vehicle needs to be unlocked for interior cleaning you need to arrange for this to happen promptly at the beginning of the appointment time and to ensure that the vehicle will be locked again when the work is complete.
Where can car cleaning be completed?
Book car cleaning at home, at your workplace or in any other publically accessible location where the cleaners can park within 10 metres of your vehicle. If prior permission needs to be obtained, some car parks, for example, it's your responsibility to arrange this. If the cleaner arrives and finds that the location doesn't allow the required access you'll be contacted and asked to move the car.
When are car cleaning services available?
The car cleaners work seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. Next day services are generally possible
Do I need to provide access to water or electricity?
No. The cleaners travel in vehicles equipped with everything they need to complete your car cleaning service.
What happens if it rains?
It's not possible to clean cars outdoors in the rain effectively, so please get in touch to reschedule your service.
Is there anything I should do to prepare the car for cleaning?
If you've booked interior car cleaning please remove booster seats or any other detachable items before the time of service.
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