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Soft top convertible roof cleaning and reproofing service

Convertible cars are a lot of fun but soft top roofs need regular care to keep them looking good and maintain waterproofing capability. Chemical contaminants, bird droppings or tree sap ruin their appearance. Mould, algae and lichen grow on them and all of these can cause the fabric to deteriorate.

When your soft top is looking shabby, soft top cleaning specialists will restore and revitalise it. The service provided by the technicians booked through Fantastic Cleaners is completed using gel-based cleaners and specialist brushes. Convertible roof cleaning removes contaminants and lifts soiling and stains. After cleaning a fresh layer of protection is applied to preserve the waterproofing properties of the soft top.

Soft top restoration is available for both natural and synthetic fabrics. To keep your convertible roof in prime condition it is recommended that soft top cleaning is done at least once every 6 months.

Fantastic Cleaners exterior car cleaning services

You can book convertible roof cleaning and reproofing service as a stand-alone service or you can compliment your vehicle with other interior cleaning or exterior detailing services:

  • Exterior car cleaning
  • Paint protection
  • Clay bar treatment and machine polishing
  • Ceramic coating - Body protection

Book a convenient appointment and a mobile roof restorer will come to your home or suitable public location to complete your exterior car cleaning and your convertible cleaning. You don't need to be present throughout the service. If access to the vehicle interior is required to complete your work someone will need to be available at the start and finish of the appointment to unlock and lock the car.

Close up on a soft top that has been recoloured

Convertible soft top roof recolouring in London

Sunlight and chemical contamination cause the colour of fabric roofs to fade. A convertible roof restorer can complete a recolouring process to restore the original colour and vibrancy of the soft-top roof. This treatment is followed by waterproofing which helps to preserve the restored colour and prevents rainwater from seeping into the car. The success of this treatment does depend on the initial condition of the roof so 100% restoration cannot be guaranteed. Your technician can advise on this once they've assessed the roof.

As with soft top cleaning, recolouring can be booked alongside any other exterior car care service.

Frequently asked questions about convertible roof cleaning

Do I need to be present to meet the technician?
If any part of your service requires access to the interior of the car someone will need to be present at the start of the appointment to unlock and at the end to resecure the vehicle. Penalty charges of 50% of the service charge apply if the technician is unable to complete the work due to being unable to access the car within 30 minutes of the appointment time or if the vehicle is not at the stated location. You don't need to be present throughout the appointment and if the work doesn't require interior access you don't need to be there at all.
Where is the convertible roof cleaning service available?
Across Greater London, anywhere within the M25. An extra charge will apply if the location of your appointment is within the congestion charge zone. There's no extra fee for appointments within the Ultra Low Emission Zone.
What are your working hours?
Appointments are available seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. Book online for next-day or future appointments.
What happens if it rains?
Exterior car care can't be completed in the rain, so please get in touch to reschedule your service if bad weather is expected.
Do I need to provide access to electricity or water?
No. The cleaners travel in vehicles equipped with everything they need.
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