Mobile car interior cleaning service

Treat your vehicle to interior car cleaning, anytime, anywhere in London.

  • Vetted and insured car interior cleaning specialists
  • Seven day services and extended hours availability
  • Highly effective cleaning methods
  • Easy booking 24/7 online or by phone
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Customise and book your car interior cleaning

1. Choose your cleaning

Select just the core cleaning package or add optional extras like car deep cleaning.

2. Schedule your appointment

Just say when and where you'd like the cleaners to come.

3. The cleaner comes to do the work

Get car interior cleaning done at home or any publicly accessible location.

4. Enjoy your cleaned car

Driving a clean and sanitary vehicle is so much more pleasurable.

What's included in the mobile inside car cleaning service

The first thing that's included in the professional car interior cleaning service is freedom from queues and wasted time. Contact Fantastic Cleaners and get the professionals to come to you. Book interior car cleaning while you're at home, at work or doing your weekly shop. Basically, you can get car interior cleaning done anytime your vehicle is in an accessible location.

Set the day, time and place for your service and specify which of the options for cleaning inside of your car you wish to use. All services are completed by background vetted professionals who use high-quality products.

The core car cleaning interior package includes – wiping down of the dashboard, centre console, doors and other hard surfaces; emptying of ashtrays and door bins and rubbish removal; vacuuming of carpets, seats, the roof lining and the boot. Fabric mats are removed, brushed off, vacuumed and replaced, rubber mats are lifted, cleaned, dried and protected. The cleaners finish things off by cleaning interior mirrors and the inside of the windows and they'll leave behind an air freshener in your choice of fragrance.

Additional exterior and interior cleaning services

When you're looking for car interior deep cleaning or want external work done add some of the extra cleaning options listed below to your service:

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Ensure that your mobile car interior cleaning in London runs smoothly

The car interior cleaners do the work, there are just a few things they need you to do to make sure that your interior car cleaning in London is completed efficiently:

  • Make sure that your car is parked in a location that allows the professionals to stop their van close to your vehicle.
  • Remove all personal belongings from the car, that's things like child seats, steering wheel covers, luggage or luggage organisers in the boot or cabin.
  • Ensure someone will be present when the service is due to unlock the vehicle and at the end of the appointment to lock it.
  • Depending on the size of the job and the options you've selected inside car cleaning will be completed by a single technician or a team of two cleaners.

Frequently asked questions about interior car cleaning

When is the car cleaning service available?
The cleaners are very flexible so you can make an appointment for anytime between 7 am and 7 pm, seven days a week.
Do I need to provide anything for my service to be completed?
Just the vehicle, access to it for interior cleaning and clear instructions on what you'd like done! The car cleaning team brings all the tools and equipment they need.
Where can I park my car for car interior cleaning?
You can specify any public location where you can ensure that the cleaners will be able to park their van within 10 metres of your own vehicle. If the team arrives and finds that the location isn't accessible they'll contact you to ask you to move the car.
Do I need to be present for car interior cleaning?
You don't have to remain while the work is done but it is your responsibility to ensure that someone is present to unlock the car. If no one is available to grant access to the vehicle within 30 minutes of the appointment start time you'll be charged 50% of the car interior cleaning service price. Cover charges also apply if the car is not present at the location specified or if no one is available to lock the vehicle at the end of the appointment.

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