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How to configure your car interior steam cleaning in London

01 Select a main cleaning service

Add car upholstery cleaning to any car interior cleaning option

02 Choose a convenient day and time

And specify the location for your car steam cleaning

03 Enjoy clean car upholstery

Stains treated, pathogens destroyed, deep-seated grime extracted and stale odours removed

Car seat being professionaly steam cleaned

Professional car upholstery steam cleaning service in London for all types of fabrics

We ask a lot of our cars. Family days out with snacks and drinks, trips to the vet, shopping... Or perhaps you're a taxi driver, a hospital car volunteer, or sometimes transport colleagues or clients in your vehicle. Whatever your situation, if you prefer to keep your car looking good and smelling fresh the car seat cleaning service is for you.

Contact Fantastic Cleaners to connect with local mobile car cleaning specialists. Book a main car interior cleaning service and add car seat steam cleaning as an extra. Trained, certified and insured car upholstery cleaning specialists arrive with a commercial steam cleaner which is used to clean your car seats, carpeted areas and the whole of the interior including plastic surfaces. Steam cleaning relies on the heat of the water vapour to complete a basic sanitisation, no chemical cleaning products are required and it can be used on all interior types including leather. The process disolves dirt, removes odours and is known to destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Book your service for a day, time and place that suits you and ensure that someone is available to open the car for the cleaner. The professionals will take care of the rest.

What happens during a mobile car seat and carpet cleaning service

Use car upholstery cleaning services when you've bought a second-hand car to eliminate all traces of the previous owner, or to treat the spills and stains that result from everyday car use. The professionals will bring everything required to make your car interior as good as new. The service for fabric upholstery cleaning is delivered in two stages.

1) A pre-clean spray is applied to the seats and carpets, this loosens dirt in preparation for the main clean.

2) An industrial-grade hot water extraction machine is used to inject hot water and the pre-sprayed solution deeply into fabric and carpets. This water and the dirt dissolved in it is then removed by suction. After the hot water extraction, the interior of the car will need 2-3 hours of ventilation to dry in the summer. In winter you should anticipate that the seats will need at least 4 hours to fully dry.

Leather car upholstery cleaning – is done by hand using specialist leather cleaning products. Cleaning is followed by a conditioning treatment which helps to keep the leather supple and increases its durability.

Cleaning car seats and upholstery, and leather cleaning are both effective at removing dirt, stains and odours. Car seat steam cleaning and car seats, carpets and upholstery cleaning are NOT available as stand-alone services, they can be added to any basic car interior clean.

Close up on car cleaning expert using extractor to clean car seats
A car cleaning expert, cleaning car headliner

Headliner Deep Clean

The headliner (the ceiling of the car) is often overlooked by car cleaning services which is unfortunate as this is where odours, especially from cigarette smoke get trapped. At your request, the mobile car cleaners will clean your car headliner so that it looks smart and smells fresh.

Like car seat cleaning, headliner cleaning can be booked alongside a main car interior cleaning service but not as a stand-alone service.

Frequently asked questions for car seat and upholstery cleaning

Do I need to be present for the service to be completed?
While you don't have to be present throughout the service it is your responsibility to ensure that someone is available to grant access to the car interior at the start of the appointment time and to secure the vehicle when the work is done. A maximum wait time of 30 minutes applies, if the technician is unable to gain access to the vehicle within this period you will be charged 50% of the service charge. Penalty charges also apply if there's no one available to lock the car at the end of the appointment or if the vehicle is not at the stated location.
Can you remove strong odours or the smell of vomit from my car interior?
Yes. Interior surface steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods of removing odours from car seats, upholstery, carpets and interiors. If the odour is very severe or longstanding there is an additional deodorising service available which is performed through machine ozonation of the interior and vents.
Can you clean any type of car upholstery?
es, the car interior cleaners are trained and certified to work on all fabric types including luxury finishes and have the appropriate products and equipment for all types of upholstery cleaning.
Where is this service available?
Across Greater London within the M25 area (inside the Congestion Charging Zone additional charges apply to cover the cost of entry, there are no additional extra charges for work within the Ultra Low Emission Zone).
What are the working hours?
Book car seat cleaning at least the day before your desired appointment. Slots are available seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm.
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