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How and what types of carpets we can clean?

Fantastic Cleaners provides carpet cleaning services throughout London, M25, and most of England for all types of carpets. We use different professional cleaning methods depending on the fabric your flooring is made from - the hot-water extraction method and the dry cleaning method. Additionally, the dry cleaning method has two different variations, too. Here’s what each of those cleaning techniques is appropriate for:

  • Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning - hot water extraction cleaning is appropriate for most types of common carpets. It can be used on synthetic (microfibre, man-made, polyester) and woollen materials.
  • Dry carpet cleaning - dry carpet cleaning has two variations, powder dry carpet cleaning and solvent dry carpet cleaning. The powder dry carpet cleaning is used on hard carpets made of natural fibres. Those are sea-grass, jute, sisal, etc. The solvent dry carpet cleaning is used for expensive rugs and upholstery furniture, as well as curtains made of delicate materials.

Mind that we don’t offer steam carpet cleaning. People often refer to the hot-water extraction method with steam cleaning, but those are two different cleaning techniques. However, the hot-water extraction method remains the most effective one wherever it can be applied.

How does the hot-water extraction carpet cleaning in London work?

Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning is performed with some of the most powerful professional machines on the market. It is also the most effective carpet cleaning method. So, here’s how the cleaning service usually goes:

  • The technician needs to park his vehicle as close to your property as possible, because the machine is big and heavy.
  • Once he unloads the machine, he will bring it in together with other needed equipment. The carpet technicians always put overshoes on and a protective sheet under the machine, so that they don’t damage your flooring.
  • The next step is to fill up the machine with hot water and add the professional detergent in.
  • Once the equipment is ready, the specialist will remove all small furniture out of his way, so that he has better access to the flooring. Please mind that he cannot move heavy furniture and other heavy objects.
  • Before starting the carpet cleaning service, the technician will carefully inspect your carpet for stains and if any, he will pretreat them with a specialised detergent. He will also spray the whole traffic area of the flooring with the detergent that is in the machine.
  • Once the preparation work is done, the carpet cleaner will get to the main work until your carpet looks nice and fresh. The hot-water extraction machine injects a mixture of hot water and detergent into the fibres of your carpet. That mixture loosens dirt and makes it easier for removing. The machine then sucks the water back together with all the grime.
  • At the end of the cleaning service the technician will treat your flooring with a stain-protection detergent, which will not allow any spilled liquids to soak into the fibres and form stains. The effect from that treatment lasts for up to 8 months.
  • Please mind that after the clean, you will need between 3 and 6 hours before the carpet is completely dry. But for a small fee you can hire an air mover from us, which will help your carpet dry 3 times faster.
staircase carpet cleaned with hot water extraction

Certified by:

  • fwc
  • green achiever
  • master cleaners
  • safe contractor
  • bicsc
  • chas
  • bureau veritas
hot water extraction carpet cleaning of staircase carpet

How does the dry carpet cleaning service work?

Again the technician needs to park as close to your property as possible, in order to unload the equipment and detergents. He will also bring everything in with the same care as in the hot-water extraction cleaning, and will move all small pieces of furniture out of his way.

  • For the powder dry carpet cleaning the technician will sprinkle around a dry powdered detergent, and will then work it into the fibres with a special machine with rotating brushes. The detergent will stick to the dirt and will then be vacuumed off your flooring together with all dust and grime.
  • For the solvent dry carpet cleaning, the specialist will put a special detergent in his carpet cleaning machine. That detergent is especially for delicate fabrics. He will work it into the surface of your flooring, upholstery or curtains and will then suck it back with the machine together with the dirt.

[FREE] Stain-proofing via Scotchgard™ stain protection:

Once your carpet is professionally taken care of, you can prolong the result thanks to the Scotchgard™ fabric protector.

This applies only for the hot water extraction cleaning method as the protector is not suitable for dry carpet cleaning. Scotchgard™ is a specialised spray solution that keeps liquids, stains and dirt at bay, not allowing them to settle on your floor covering. This repels what you want to keep out and preserves fabrics fresh and clean!

At Fantastic Cleaners, we dispatch mobile carpet cleaning teams straight to your home or office throughout the south, east, south-east, south-west, west, north-west and north parts of London (with some occasional exceptions).

* NOTE: Benefit from our company services even more by combining residential carpet and rug washing service with upholstery and furniture cleaning or book it as part of after tenancy cleaning (where dip tank oven valeting is included).

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Frequently asked questions

  • Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

    A: Well, it depends on what kind of foot traffic they are exposed to. Stain protection for carpeting also makes a difference. Generally, we recommend professional cleaning at least twice a year for regular household carpeting, so you receive the best value for how much carpet cleaning costs..

  • Q: What types of carpets and rugs do you handle?

    A: At Fantastic Cleaners, we clean the wide range of both carpets and rugs: Persian carpet cleaning, oriental, Moroccan, Tibetan, Indian, runners, area rugs, circular rugs, sculptured, seagrass, sesal, jute, and many more. Can't find yours? Just call us and ask.

  • Q: What is your availability and coverage?

    A: We provide services 7 days a week, and even on public holidays. Also, evening appointments can be arranged. The fantastic carpet cleaning services are available throughout East London, South London, South-East, South-West, West London, North-West, North-East and North London. We also work with local carpet cleaners in Oxford, Reading, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Stockport, and other cities across England. You can check if we cover your area through the “Check prices & availability” button.

  • Q: What stain protection do you offer and why should I use it?

    A: We offer high-quality fibre stain repellent that can significantly prolong the freshness of your carpet when applied after professional cleaning. It will also effectively extend the life of your floor piece, especially if placed in a high-traffic area. The stain protection comes for FREE when you book Hot Water Extraction (HWE) method carpet cleaning.

  • Q: What kind of detergents do the carpet cleaning experts use?

    A: All detergents we work with are professional ones and are not sold in regular shops. We use a range of cleaning products, stain removers and stain protection detergents, which are carefully tested over the years to provide great results. Moreover, they kill 99% of the know bacteria and germs and guarantee a well-disinfected environment.

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