Deep appliance cleaning service in London

We clean everything from hobs and dishwashers to washing machines and tumble dryers. Restore your kitchen appliances to their former glory

  • Improve your appliance’s lifespan, efficiency, and looks
  • Remove all persistent stains and any food residue from your hob and microwave
  • Get rid of bad odours coming from your washing machine or fridge
  • Use powerful but environmentally safe antibacterial detergents
  • Available seven days a week
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How to book our appliance cleaning service near you in four easy steps.

1. Book

Use our online booking form, call us on the phone, or book through our Fantastic App

2. Meet

A cleaning expert will arrive with all the tools necessary to handle the dirty work

3. Relax

Your kitchen appliances’ interior and exterior will be thoroughly cleaned and polished

4. Use your appliance

Your white goods are ready to use as soon as the service is done

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We are ISO certified: ISO Certified Other recognitions: Safe Contractor The Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

Kitchen appliances we clean and how we do it

  • Fridge/Freezer - Before the cleaning, the technicians will remove all detachable parts such as drawers, shelves, and glass and place them into a cleaning tank to soak. All internal parts of the fridge, including the door rubber seals, will be carefully wiped out with antibacterial detergents. The removable parts are thoroughly cleaned and dried before placed back. Lastly, the appliance is wiped with a dry cloth, turned on, and ready to be used.
  • Microwave - The microwave cleaning service involves thorough cleaning the outside and inside of the appliance using a degreasing detergent. For microwaves with removable plates, the latter is taken out, scrubbed, and dried separately.
  • Hob - Whether you are an owner of electric, ceramic, or gas ones, the cleaners scrub them manually, using professional cleaning tools. Any removable parts are placed in a dip tank filled with hot water and degreasing detergent. This gets rid of any burnt-on grease and food deposits, before the parts are cleaned using a cloth and placed back.
  • Extractor - The technicians remove and clean the extractor’s filters using strong antibacterial detergents that make quick work of any grease. All other parts of the extractor are then wiped and the filters are put back in place. Bear in mind that our extractor cleaning service does not include cleaning of the extractor’s motors.

Other white goods we clean

  • Dishwasher - First we remove the lower basket and rack of the dishwasher and take the filter out. The filter is then placed in a tank filled with strong antibacterial detergents. We then proceed to clean the door seals and edges with non-caustic cream. Lastly, we finish our dishwasher cleaning service by placing the filter fill back into the dishwasher and running a fast cycle, to make sure everything works fine, leaving your dishwasher clean and sanitized.
  • Tumble dryer - Our tumble dryer cleaning method includes taking out both the top filter and the bottom one. The top filter retains moisture and the one in the bottom gathers dirt. The filters are cleaned using certified detergents and inserted back into their slots. Lastly, all reachable surfaces of the dryer are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Washing machine - Our professional washing machine cleaning service starts by taking out the drawer of the appliance and cleaning it thoroughly. Afterwards, the cleaners remove and sanitize the filter as well as the cavity around. They will also wipe the door and the body of the appliance, inside and out. Lastly, the washing machine is run on a short cycle to ensure everything works properly.
fridge cleaning
washing machine cleaning

Why is professional appliance cleaning important for fridges and washing machines

Dirty appliances have to work harder and use up more power, which in turn leads to higher utility bills. That also shortens their life cycle. So, make sure you have your white goods professionally cleaned at least twice a year and maintain them in a good condition yourself during the rest of the time.

  • Fridges/Freezers are by far the most important appliances in your kitchen. Your refrigerator needs consistent upkeep as it tends to accumulate food stains and can easily become a hive for bacteria and nasty odours. On the other hand, the build of ice in the freezer can interfere with the appliance’s energy efficiency. We recommend deep cleaning your fridge every three to four months.
  • Washing machines have rubber seals that retain moisture which will turn into mould if left uncleaned. This, of course, very often results in bad odours which ruin the pleasant smell of your freshly washed laundry. Another thing to keep an eye on is the filter, as it collects hair, dirt, and other sorts of residue.

The importance of professional appliance cleaning for extractors, hobs and microwaves

  • Extractors play a vital role in maintaining a pleasant environment in your kitchen. However, due to its positioning, it is easy for the extractor’s fans to become blocked with dirt and grease.Uncleaned grease build-up can completely cover up the filter, often producing a foul odour and possibly presenting a fire hazard.
  • Hobs should be cleaned regularly to extend their life expectancy and allow them to function properly. A dirty ceramic hob will prevent pans from sitting flat and touch the heating element, making them less effective when cooking. Moreover burnt food and grease build-ups can cause an unpleasant odour. Gas hobs can in some cases ignite due to extensive grease.
  • Microwaves are appliances that often get greasy fumes and food particles stuck on their interiors. If left uncleaned these stains begin to smell and can spread bacteria onto the food you put in the microwave.

The best way to avoid issues coming from neglected appliances is to book our professional appliance cleaning services. The appliance cleaning specialists in London we work with, have all the training and skills to return your white goods to new-like condition. All of the technicians we work with are background checked and use only certified detergents, that not only make your appliances sparkle but are environmentally friendly as well. Remember you can also add professional oven cleaning and BBQ cleaning to your appliance cleaning service and everything will be carried out by the same technician.

putting the filter of an extractor

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you recommend to clean my fridge and freezer?
To keep your fridge and freezer in optimal working order, we recommend using our service every six months. However, you should also maintain good hygiene in your appliance in between the professional services.
What is the average duration of your cleaning service?
It depends on the appliances size and condition. Our goal is to bring you the best possible results while working in the most efficient manner.
Do you provide after working hours appointments?
Yes, we offer flexible services for an additional fee. There are no additional charges for our weekend appointments.
Will I need to clean anything up after your specialists have finished the services?
We offer a no-mess service. The technicians will clean up after themselves.
Are your technicians insured?
Yes, all the experts we work with are background checked, certified, and fully insured.
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Appliance cleaning prices

Appliance type Price
Hob £24
Extractor £24
- Standard microwave £14
- Combo microwave £25
Washing machine £35
Dishwasher £35
Fridge or freezer
- Fridge & Freezer £35
- Single Fridge £29
- Single Freezer £29
- American Style Fridge £43

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